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Meet Reed Weir

Board Member


Charles "Reed" Weir, Sr.

Born in 1959, on Ft. Eustis, Virginia, and raised in a military family. Growing up, there was never a question in my mind really...I was going to be a soldier. In 1976, and on my 17th birthday, I joined the 7th Cavalry (Gary Owen!) of the 1st Cavalry division and chose combat arms. I was a tank driver on the old M60's at Ft. Hood, Texas. In 1978, on the Ides of March, I hit a patch of pea gravel on my motorcycle, and broke my neck and back.

I made it back here to McGuire after they stabilized me, and the PVA service officer, Jesse Cox, was right there for me immediately. I wasn't very active in the earliest years, but did get involved in wheelchair sports. PVA's presence was always felt close by, like a friend.

After several wasted years, partying way too much, I began to get more interested and involved with our local PVA chapter. This beginning was probably the single most influential and positive element contributing to my rehabilitation, and provided a foundation allowing me to go on and live a very rewarding life, both professionally and socially.

I sought employment at the National office and worked up there, as well as at the Chapter for about a decade. I have enjoyed learning about and working for the organization from multiple perspectives. During these years, I was able to return to the College of William and Mary and earn my BBA (business marketing) in 2004.

Family: The good Lord has been very generous, and I am fortunate to have three fantastic children, 23, 14, 10 they help me stay based, and focused on what is important. I enjoy remaining involved in a local church. I guess my main hobbies involve engineering, and motorsports related stuff. I am a car enthusiast and also very much enjoy the outdoorsman's sports and oddly, art.

I would appreciate your vote of support...and I hope I can help introduce PVA to anyone interested, as well as to lend an ear in support of a veteran needing someone to talk to, or to help find some answers.

Thank you, C. Reed Weir